Let's Have Fun

by The Invertebrates

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released July 24, 2013



all rights reserved


The Invertebrates San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Corporatized

A 1922 ad for Jello showed
a little girl sitting in her mother's lap,
her face filled with terror,
having just awoken from a bad dream
She bares her commodified soul,
"A nightmare, mother! I was dreaming Jimi stole my Jello
A 1922 ad from Paramount Studios
documented the breakdown of parental know-how,
and gives an insight into the ways in which
youth served as a cover for
the new authorities [2X]
A 1929 ad for Quaker Oats
pictured young James Folan who
led his class and had good checkups, too
In a letter written by his mother comes a formula for such
success, our mornings are never too rushed
to give Jimmy his Quaker Oats
REFRAIN They're corporatized
Rat eyes, rat eyes, rat eyes, rat eyes
I was dreaming
Track Name: Spank That Honky To Death
Spank That Honky To Death

When you see that flash, and you feel that heat,
and the blast knocks you right off your feet,
as you suck in your very last breath
you're gonna wish you'd spanked that honky to death
Spank that honky to death [4X]
Oh, they're just grown boys,
and they play with toys,
and they don't like girls,
and they run the world
(Those clones are all alike)
Spank that honky to death [4X]
Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear [repeats]
Track Name: Youth For Understanding Japan
Youth For Understanding Japan

We are [3X]
youth for understanding Japan
We are youth for making five year plans
We are youth for irrigating more land
We are youth for understanding Japan Well I never really did care much for Japan
I never did like kimonos, or straw mats on the floor,
or sleeping in a paper room, or drinking all the tea in china Then one day my grandson came over, and he was wearing this
T-shirt that said "Youth For Understanding Japan" on it,
and I said, "Sonny boy, what the hell does that mean?",
and he looked at me and he said, "Gramps, basically it means- We are youth for understanding Japan [repeats]
How would you like to take a trip with me to Japan? [2X]
We are [4X]
youth for understanding Japan
Standing Japan [repeats] The bus [8X]
The bus is leaving in five minutes
Track Name: Damballa
Damballa (Dambala)

Here come the loa [repeats]
Damballa, the good serpent of the sky [2X]
Of the world before these troubles began
He comes like a snake, and dives in the sea,
but then he rise, the source of all wisdom
Aida the rainbow arches 'cross the sky
World inside a mirror, immortal reflections fly
A-a-a-aida, A-a-a-aida

He comes like a snake, arched in the path that the sun travels across the sky
He is in love with the rainbow, and he can fly
He is the maker of these waters, of these heavens which he dominates,
and of the springs and of the rivers which his water nourishes

Of the world after these troubles are gone
Dive in the water
Back of the mirror [4X]
Track Name: Mr. Indestructible
Mr. Indestructible

There we were,
snarled up in those danged lines
Caught under the gunwales,
and the canvas sail had built a space in the center, under the boat,
but we couldn't get our heads up where there was air
Also, shrouds had caught us so we couldn't swim
to the outside [4X]
There we were,
fogged in at the airport
Stuck waiting for hours
When the fog cleared we looked at the runways
where our planes were waiting for waves,
but we couldn't get our motors started at all
Somehow fog had fixed us so we couldn't start
on a mission [4x]
There we were,
lights out in the cavern
Rocks block up the exit,
and the stalac-tites broke off so often
they would surely block off our air
So we sat right down and tried to think our way out,
but someone started yelling and he wouldn't shut up
about dying [2X]
I'm gonna die
You're gonna die
We're all gonna die
Wave bye-bye

Come’ on back and see us you hear
Track Name: Guesthouse

He was haunted by an idea(l) [2X]
But they asked him directly to begin to accommodate himself to the 20th century
He was haunted by an idea(l)
A real illumination never ends
A real initiation never ends
The Devil's masquerade [3X]
Inkiness, spirit of abyss in his muddled mind
A Xth degree impostor and the socialists were there
He ran back to the guesthouse and yelled at the Devil's shade,
"Give me coffee!"
Demons drink from human skulls and souls are up for trade
He was a member of the English race
He was going all the way to Loch Ness
With your opinions, with your opinions you might find an ancient bard
He polluted it and died a horrible death
He was haunted by an idea(l)
The Devil's masquerade
The Milky Way is a galaxy
The planet Earth is Terra
It's so late when many are slaves,
or worship their Fuehrer
Track Name: Roundem Up
Roundem Up

Please listen to me
Save energy, conserve, be responsible please
The din of the factory is growing
It's waiting for you in the 25th century
It's waiting for you in another age
No more fuel, no more machinery
No more construction, no more pollution, no more noise
Be responsible please
The next thing you know, this planet,
the deadly wolves of breakdown
I'm a devil right now
I'm gonna wake up the past
What is that? the desert? out there?
Look at the sand [4X]
Gaudeamus igitur juvenes dum sumus
I'm gonna join a new tribe [2X]
I'm gettin' tired of the same old knock-knock
I'm gonna join a new tribe
We're headed for the round up [repeats]
Track Name: Atilla The Hun
Attila the Hun (The Pedestrian)

He wasn't very pretty
He wasn't very tall
He had a greasy little moustache
He had a thousand whores
He was Attila the Hun, Attila the Hun,
the son of a gun, Attila the Hun,
but where is he now?

He killed a lot of Romans
He should have killed 'em all
He slaughtered people by the thousands
He wanted all their gold
He wasn't very gentle
He wasn't very kind
He took a deadly view of living
He rode a lot of horse
Track Name: He's Back
He's Back

Here he comes, he's back
He's back again, he's back
Here he comes, he's back
But we must remember, the bandits of the present
are different than the bandits of the past
Here he comes, he's back [repeats]
But we must remember the bandits of the past
It would not be true to say that the prisons were born with the penal codes
But we must remember, he's back
Here he comes, he's back
Anything that helps to tire the body helps to expel bad thoughts
But we must remember, the bandits of the present
are different than the bandits of the past
Track Name: Overexposed
Sound Collage
Track Name: Balkan Countries
Balkan Countries

In all the Balkan countries
the standard of living
is pitifully low
Bulgaria is almost
entirely agricultural,
and in Yugoslavia
there are no free passes
They had less production
then there was in all of Germany
during the last three years before the 2nd World War
To attain so rapidly
to predominance
is beyond the ability
of the Balkan farmers
They need a world market for their output
They want a world market for their output
In all the Balkan countries
they are learning how to fix
TVs, stereos, radios, car
(living for electronics),
and in all the Balkan countries
they are looking for a world market for their output,
and in several other countries
they are buying all the Balkan countries
Track Name: Overtime

Overtime [3X]
I've been working overtime
All the time I'm working overtime

Just set some leftovers on the stove and I'll heat 'em up when I get in
I'll keep the TV on low, try hard not to wake ya,
but it's gonna take 'bout an hour to unwind
Now don't worry, all the bars be already closed by the time I'm getting off
So, I'm coming straight home, and I promise I'll drive slow if it's wet
REFRAIN (Kiss the kids for me)
You know it ain't been easy
We came down here all the way from Detroit, spent some time in Beaumont,
and spent a whole year in Shreveport
Now we're here in Houston and I got a good job
The kids been in the same school for six months
Ya know, I think if I can just put in a few months working these hours
we'll put things together here
REFRAIN (Gotta keep the car moving)
Now I got two weeks of 7-12's looking me straight in the eye
The man says I'll be sucking sludge out of a pit
at the water plant, just off 225 'bout a mile up from Red Bluff
14 days of my lungs burning from ammonia fumes
4 AM, stuck on the graveyard shift
The lifthose on the crane's busted and I'm sittin' here
3 hours in the smokestack wishin' I was home, asleep in the air conditioning
REFRAIN (Just watch me work)
I know how rough it's been for you, hon
I know I've been gettin' to bed 'bout a half hour before
you gotta get up and hustle the kids off to school,
and that I've been doing it for months now,
but we need the money, and I've been workin' hard
I've been workin' for you and the kids
I've been workin' hard for America, and
you know, I believe that's important, too.
Track Name: Money
A traditional love song.